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Two-layered cream contains a transparent gel on the upper layer and highly nutritious cream on the lower layer. Upper layer contains essential oils and high content (35% or more) of moisturizing agents to provide skin with deep moisture. Lower layer contains skin lipid components including ceramide, mixed in an efficient ratio to help moisturize and strengthen skin. An eco-friendly refill for use in The Therapy Vegan Blending Cream jar.  2 fl. oz.

• Skin-friendly, 2-in-1 blending formula with gel and cream free
• Clinical tests were performed to visibly improve elasticity fatigue and the intrinsic strength of elasticity loss

• Marche formula – Based on the traditional method of the Marche region in Italy, it contains calendula, olive oil, and noble laurel carefully blended by hand for about 6 weeks.
• Edelweiss extract – Grown in Switzerland, Edelweiss means “noble white,” and is an alpine herb with strong vitality. Helps to soothe skin while visibly improving moisture and the appearance of elasticity. 
• Thyme extract – Grown in the Valais region of the Swiss Alps, it helps visibly moisturize skin while increasing vitality. 

This vegan anti-aging collection is derived from over 200 years of hand-crafted blended oils, calendula, olive oil and noble laurel from Marche, Italy, combined with pure herbs, edelweiss and thyme extracts from eco-green Switzerland. Formulated to help boost moisture, and visibly improve skin’s elasticity, firmness and vitality.

• AM + PM, apply after cleansing, toning and serum.
• Blend before use. 
• If in the AM, use SPF as your final step. 

• Free from 24 harmful additives 
• Hypoallergenic
• Vegan 

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