NAKTO STROLLER 36V 12A 600W Electric Bike

Breeze Through the City with an Upgraded Motor and an Extended-range Battery
With a newly upgraded 600W Peak Rear Hub Motor and a 36V 12A battery to power your ride, you'll experience effortless power and freedom as you explore the city.

Stay Safe with Dual Disc Brakes
Ventilated disc brakes efficiently dissipate heat, ensuring consistent peak performance at all times. We conduct 1000+ tests before our products leave the factory to guarantee the safety of every ride.

Discover the Strength and Dependability of Robust Big Crankset
Our 152*44 cranksets are constructed with materials that are 60% stronger and more durable than those used in smaller ones, guaranteeing a more reliable and long-lasting bike.

Go Beyond Convenience with a Rear Rack and Basket
Crafted from durable materials and featuring ample storage space, Elegance is the ideal companion for riders in need of a convenient way to carry gear, luggage, or other items on their journey.

Exquisiteness Meets Performance
The frame and translucent chain guard of City Stroller are true works of art, designed by a professional. By choosing City Stroller, you not only gain access to a high-quality means of transportation but also express your appreciation for a higher quality of life and the pursuit of personal fulfillment