Larger Capacity Battery

48V/13Ah waterproof battery is lockable and removable to charge on/off the bike, leading a range of 30-45+ miles per full charge. Featured with 4-6 hours fast charging function, the battery can be charged 800+ cycles. Lithium battery packaging materials do not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other harmful heavy metals. Lithium batteries do not produce any pollutants in the production and use process, which ensures human health. Therefore, it is easy to solve the problem of soil and water pollution in the recycling process of waste batteries.

Powerful 750W Motor

HELIOS comes equipped with 750W brushless motor, providing 80Nm of torque climbing power, is enough for your daily commute and mountain cycling. Speed up to 25MPH( default is 20MPH), it takes you freely to anywhere you desire.

3.5 inch Full Color Display

3.5 inch Full Color Screen shows battery, assist levels, mileage, speed, and using time, allowing you to read your statistics with ease. Calculate how many miles you ride. Pedal assistance power adjustment. It can charge your dying cell phone. 3 Riding Mode: Pure Electric Mode, Pedal-assist mode, normal bike mode. With the full-color smart LCD, you can choose the 5 Levels speed modes of electric bike and assisted bike according to your needs. Different modes have different speeds and travel distances, in pure electric mode, E-bike is able to achieve 30+ miles and max speed can reach up to 25MPH( Default max speed is 20MPH). In pedal-assist mode (PAS mode), E-bike is able to achieve 40-60 miles and provides 9 levels of pedal assist.

Security Tips

Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety equipment and always keep both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the pedals whilst riding. Read, understand and follow all safety recommendations before riding. Avoid riding in damp conditions, rain etc as this may affect operation or possibly damage the bicycle electronics.