iBaby i6 Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with Camera

1. More Than A Baby Camera Monitor: Not just a 2K HD baby monitor with app and infrared night vision, but also a smart baby monitor tracking your baby’s breathing/body movement level.
2. Tracking Baby’s Sleeping: i6 wifi smartphone baby monitor can track your infant’s sleeping, you can have daily sleep analytics, no subscription fee.
3. Help New Parents Sleep in Peace with Accurate Alerts: i6 baby breathing monitor alerts when it detects the baby stop breathing or under low movement or crying, real-time breathing chart and data. It tells you ambient temperature/humidity.
4. Non Wearables: Having your baby real time breathing/activity data and chart by sight with no bands or electronics in the crib or on the baby.
5. Pan, Tilt, Zoom and More: Remote 355 ̊ pan, 95 ̊ tilt and Zoom in/out, i6 baby camera has a sound machine with lullabies, bedtime stories, white noise, and moonlight projector. Compatible with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi. Add multiple users to access.