iBaby i2 Smart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with Camera

iBaby i2 Smart Baby Breathing Monitor with Video and Audio: Tracking Baby’s

Breathing,Sleeping and Face-covered, 1080P Baby Movement Monitor Camera with Movement Detection, No Wearables, Compatible with iOS and Android.

  • Monitor Baby’s Breathing in Real-Time and Free Analystics: see a live view of readings of your baby’s RPMs (respirations per minute) on iBaby App and receive an alert on your smartphone if i2 baby camera monitor detects any low, high or no breathing rate, you can have breathing analytics data, no monthly fee, all always free for iBaby users. iBaby offers our users a year manufacturer warranty.
  • Monitor Baby’s Sleeping and Free Analytics: i2 WiFi smartphone baby monitor can track your baby sleeping, tells you how many times your baby wakes up and how long your baby sleeps / awakes during the night, you can understand if your baby’s getting enough sleep, along with tracking how often you had to go in to your baby and how long it would take to put your baby back down, You can have the daily sleep insights, which is free, no subscription fee.
  • Everything You Can Check: i2 video baby camera comes with HD crisp clear picture, you can have a full view of your baby, you can see tears or smile on your baby’s face even in the night mode, and it also has a sound machine, with different sound options like 1000+ soothing lullabies, white noise, etc.Unlimited users with complete privacy control allow you invite your family members to have access to check in on your baby from time to time.
  •  Safety AI Alerts: i2 baby breathing monitor alerts if there’s a possibility that the baby has his/her face covered or rolls over, if she/he’s crying, or if he’s absent in the crib or moving around. It has 2 way audio, room temperature/humidity alerts. iBaby offers users free cloud storage for alerts picture / video ( 300 pictures and 100 video clip ), so you can check back for the alerts and see what is going on.
  • No Wearables, No Harm: it isn’t like other baby monitors with Wi-Fi smartphone, it isn’t a sensor your baby has to sleep on, or a wearable bracelet or anklet, band, etc, it uses artificial intelligence technology to monitor breathing, movement, face, and sleeping without touching your baby at all. All data and tracking are totally straight through the i2 baby monitor with camera and auido, Get peace of mind, knowing your baby is okay.