Green Bike USA | GB750 LOW STEP FAT TIRE | Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

20'' folding electric bike with 4-inch Fat Tires.

Mounting and Dismounting Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

The beauty of the GB750 is a fat bike with a low-step frame for impressive accessibility. We love this ride for urban areas where we are faced with a lot of stopping and starting. Pleasant and practical, you no longer have to worry about swinging your leg high to mount or dismount.

A Fat Bike with a Low-Step Frame for Fast Mounting/Dismounting

When biking through traffic in an urban setting the ease of a fat bike with a lost step frame is undeniable. You can effortlessly stop, mount, and dismount. A magnet connects the folding bike points, you can also fold it down if you need to hail a cab or hop a city bus. With nine levels of pedal assist, you can ride up and down hilly terrain without any hardship. This bike goes 20 miles per hour, and you can go for 60 miles before needing a charge.