Green Bike USA | GB500 MAG | Folding Electric Bike

20'' Foldable Full Suspension Electric Bike

Ride with Confidence

Hit the road with confidence knowing that your ride features some of the best safety features available. The GB500 lights up like a Christmas tree for maximum visibility to congested city streets or dark country roads. It has turn signals, front and back lights, turn signals, and brake lights. The hydraulic brakes have also been designed for stopping ease and reliability.

The Big Three: Safety, Speed, and Longevity

Designed for city safety! When weaving through city traffic on a joyride or your daily commute, safety is every bit as important as speed, power, and battery life. The GB500 Mag has turn signals, front/back lights, left/right turn signs, brake lights, and front/rear hydraulic brakes that stop on a dime! The extra icing on the case with this bike is that it will go 60 miles at an impressive 20 mph.


  • Motor: 500W
  • Removable Battery: 48V, 18.2AH
  • Total Weight: 64 Lbs
  • Battery Weight: 12 Lbs
  • Max. Speed: 20MPH
  • Range: 60 Miles
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • New Upgrade: Magnesium wheels
  • Multi Function LCD Display
  • 9 Levels Pedal Assist
  • Shimano Gear
  • USB Outlet
  • Recommended rider height: 5'1"+