Green Bike 500W GB2 Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

A Beach Cruiser to Enjoy

Imagine sailing across the sandy expanse of a beach with the crashing waves in the background. Don’t let your concerns over peddling in sand throw a roadblock in your fun. This electric beach cruiser lets you ride up to 60 miles at an impressive 20 mph. There is no reason to break a sweat when you cruise the beach! Instead, enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

Built for Sand and Surf

With front and seat suspension, you can enjoy a smooth ride along the sandy expanses of the beach. The 500W motor has an impressive amount of power with its  lithium 48V/15.6Ah battery with USB port and will easily travel  up to  60 miles at speeds of up to 20 mph. If you decide to take the bike for a morning sunset cruise, you’ll also appreciate the brake lights and turn signals for maximum visibility.

Looking for an electric beach cruiser? The 26-inch aluminum GB2 has it all from front and seat suspension and a 500W motor to front and rear Tektro disc brakes, Reflective Tire Sidewall Stripping, electric horn and a lithium 48V/15.6Ah battery with a USB port. Tires 26 x 1.75 inches. Ride up to 60 miles at 20 mph!

New models come with seat suspension.

This bike also features turn signals and brake lights!