NAKTO F4 48V 16A 1000W Electric Bike

Pro-level Riding with Upgraded Motor and Extended-range Battery
Meet the F4 Yellow: 1000W peak motor, 52Nm torque, and a 48V 20A battery. Opt for the F4 Green: 750W peak motor, 48V 16A battery. Both offer a 60-mile range with pedal assist.

Elevate Comfort to Next Level with Dual Suspensions
Elevate your cycling adventure with our cutting-edge eBike, which features front and rear suspension. Experience unrivaled comfort, control, and confidence on any terrain, from rugged trails to city streets.

Experience any Terrain with Professional Fat Tire and Oversized Saddle
Equipped with 20"*3" all-terrain fat tires and a custom oversized saddle, conquering any trail or path with ease. Upgrade your ride today and embark on your next adventure!

Your Trusty Ebike for Delivery
F4's spacious cargo area opens up possibilities for transporting more. With convenient takeout racks and top-mounted boxes, the options are limitless!

Level Up Riding Experience with Colored Display
The colored LCD display provides a wealth of information, including current speed, max speed, average speed, odometer, tripometer, range, calories, trip timer, clock, mode, watts or amps, battery percentage or bar, and assist level (0-5).