Ecotric Matt Green Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike with color LCD display 500W 48V 15AH

  • Pedal-Mode: The bike is ridden just like a regular bicycle, powered only by the rider
  • Pedal-Assist–Mode: The onboard computer activates the motor only when the pedals are turning in order to assist the rider. This mode makes it easier to pedal up hills and against the wind or to go faster on flat ground. The rider can control the level of assistance received from the motor by adjustments to the display unit mounted on the handlebars
  • Electric–Mode: The rider simply twists the throttle to engage the motor and start moving (similar to the operation of a moped). No pedaling is needed when using the bike in this mode, making it great for taking a break without necessarily having to stop traveling
  • Powerful 48V 500W brushless Gear Motor

  • 48V 15AH high quality Li-Lion battery & energy saving motor

  • Max travel range up to 29 miles under pure electric mode and 52 miles in pedal assisted mode

  • Heavy-duty 20" x 4" fat tires 

  • Ecotric waterproof color LCD display w/ USB interface

  • Mechanical Disc Brakes

  • Ergonomic Seat

  • Shimano 7 Speed Derailleur

  • Portable and Folding

  • SPEED: 20 mph