NAKTO CRUISER 36V 10A 600W Electric Bike

Perfect Entry-level Mountain Bike
Featuring a comfortable riding position and a powerful yet gentle 600W Peak Rear Hub Motor, the NAKTO Cruiser offers a smooth and enjoyable off-road riding experience, making it the ideal choice for beginners venturing into mountain biking

Conquer any Terrain with Fat Tires
The fat tires offer superior grip and stability, enabling you to ride with confidence. Additionally, they absorb shocks and bumps 60% more effectively than traditional tires, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Stay Safe with Dual Disc Brakes
Ventilated disc brakes efficiently dissipate heat, ensuring consistent peak performance at all times. We conduct 1000+ tests before our products leave the factory to guarantee the safety of every ride.

Discover the Strength and Dependability of Robust Big Crankset
Our 152*52 cranksets are constructed with materials that are 60% stronger and more durable than those used in smaller ones, guaranteeing a more reliable and long-lasting bike.

Experience Comfortable Riding on Our Ergonomic Electric Bike
From frame geometry to handlebar and saddle design, every detail is carefully crafted for ergonomics to deliver the most natural and comfortable riding experience possible.